Silikalzit: for the benefit of the environment and the future

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Are you a professional in the environmental business?
For sure you know that our products offer potential.

The granulate grains of our silicate hydrate products have an extremely large surface. This physical property has a highly favourable effect on the absorption of different substances, including solids, liquids and even gas. Therefore – depending on grain sizes - our products are ideally suited for use in environmental accidents to ensure that negative consequential damage to the nature and to the environment is avoided. Because of their low specific weight, our products are easy to handle, while at the same time keeping transportation costs low even in case of major transport volumes.

Please give Silikalzit natural minerals a trial! The advantages include:

  • Absorption in contaminated building soil areas
  • Soil conditioning / dump protection
  • Absorption of contamination in industrial wasteland
  • Protection against infiltration of harmful substances
  • Avoidance of soil contamination by harmful substances
  • Emission protection and reduction

You tell us your specific application areas and intended use.
Please call Silikalzit environment-hotline: (+49) 89 13 01 56 -0


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