A new premium cat litter on eye level with the best

HYGIENIC WHITE significantly increases market share

This total new product gives maximum results thanks to a new combination of high performance mineral components. The composition of the grain consisting of minerals specially adapted to each other guarantees a rapid flow of fluids to the inside of the granule. Unpleasant odours are absorbed into the mineral core. The result is an improved absorption of odours over extended periods of use.

HYGIENIC WHITE litter wins points for your success
When considering odour absorption, texture and appearance, HYGIENIC WHITE doesn‘t yield an inch to the other products on the market. But when it comes to dust content, humidity absorption and the degree of whiteness, HYGIENIC WHITE leaves the competition far behind. A simple comparison shows what immense market potential can be found in HYGIENIC WHITE.

Low dust content – a convincing factor for every cat litter user
HYGIENIC WHITE stands out in the foreground thanks to the most important criteria. Analysis of the relevant market data shows that, regardless of price, a reduced amount of dust and the odour control are the most important factors when it comes to taking a purchasing decision. The PREMIUM litter from SILIKALZIT has of course been submitted to a series of market tests, whereby its outstanding qualities have been confirmed. SILIKALZIT PREMIUM litters are able to convince customers who are looking for constant quality at an attractive price and where the protection of natural resources plays an important role.

According to the IRI market data, sales in the PREMIUM segment are continuously increasing in the overall German market. These figures confirm that, when compared to the complete cat litter market, the PREMIUM segment is on the increase. With this innovative PREMIUM cat litter we offer you the opportunity of being a part of this market growth. Attractive profit margins together with the product qualities specific to HYGIENIC WHITE make it possible to be competitive!

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