Porilan – hygienic litter for birds

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Our input into a healthy bird husbandry and upbringing.

In circles of experts the pros and cons of conventional bird litter are often discussed. Because not only the structure and the colour are important for the good health of the birds. Furthermore odour retention, moisture absorption and hygienic aspects are important for the successful upbringing and tending.

SILIKALZIT Marketing offers aviary owners and bird breeders an interesting alternative. With PORILAN® - that is how we call our current litter for birds – we are offering, considering the hygiene criteria, a unique, compostable product with amazing characteristics:

PORILAN® is completely free from additions.

PORILAN® is completely compostable.

PORILAN® binds viruses, bacteria and vermin.

PORILAN® is a mineral hygienic litter granulate, calcium silicate hydrate-based, with a grain from 0,5 to 6 mm.
PORILAN® is made of natural minerals with any chemical-pharmaceutical or harmful to the environment additives.
PORILAN® is certified by the German “Institut für Geflügelkrankheiten” of the LMU, Munich, professor Dr. J. Kösters, considering the requirements of the DVG.

PORILAN® can be delivered in a package size of 25 litre. Thereby it can be offered attractively with regard to the price. If you are interested a delivery as an trade mark is possible without any difficulties.

Please call us or mail us your request.



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