30 years of experience in natural minerals

Intelligent production processes for an individual product variety

The essential basic elements of our products are sand, lime and water and these natural raw materials are available in almost unlimited quantities. They are extracted carefully, without influencing the ecological balance. Our production process is a synthesis of natural minerals. These materials correspond essentially to the Tobermorit mineral, present in the natural environment.
Our raw material is manufactured in a production process requiring very little energy. After the binding process of the raw mass, the semi-solid blocks are hardened by steam at approximately 190°C. This unique production process creates minimum pollution.


The granules, manufactured by different crushing and sieving processes, then pass through a careful drying process. An optimal mixing of the different grain sizes for each product is ensured by the use of sifting equipment.
After passing through cyclone dust catchers the product is then packed. The complete process is controlled by a quality management system.

Raw material consumption

The consumption of raw materials is relatively low. One cubic meter of raw materials produces approximately five cubic meters of calcium silicate hydrate.

Material usage

Our granules are manufactured in factories belonging to the Xella Group. Production remnants of aerated concrete are used as basic elements, thus preserving natural resources.


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