Flamolex F – the high-performance fine-grain product

Oil and chemical binder type III R – fine-grain granulate with spherical pores

Flamolex F is especially developed for application on permanent ground, including circulation areas. Its task is to quickly absorb and completely remove oil.

Flamolex-F Öl- und Chemikalienbindemittel Flamolex F has been specially developed for use on permanent ground, including circulation areas. It is designed for applications calling for quick absorption and complete removal of oil.

FLAMOLEX F has a light colour, which darkens when getting wet. So you can see whether it works. The fine-grain product FLAMOLEX is a highly effective oil and chemical binder.

FLAMOLEX F is certified to fulfil the official “requirements for oil binders” of the BMU and has been officially approved as oil binder type III R, suitable also for use in circulation areas.

FLAMOLEX F consists of a mineral granulate based on calcium silicate hydrate (Tobermorit).

FLAMOLEX F is absolutely environment-compatible, because it is produced in Germany out of secondary materials. In this way we avoid long transportation routes and save resources. Pollution resulting from previous use, such as may occur when using recycled products, is eliminated.

FLAMOLEX F is not harmful to plants and does not damage existing vegetation.

FLAMOLEX F offers advantages in practical use as well as in terms of quantitative comparison.

Despite its low own weight FLAMOLEX F excels with a high absorbing capacity, resulting in reduced material and disposal costs.

FLAMOLEX F is characterised by a high percentage of spherical pores, which increase the contact area for the liquid to be absorbed.

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